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Image of Digital Dinosaurs Set

Digital Dinosaurs Set


Dinosaurs roam again... in your modern day images!

This brand new GINORMOUS “Digital Dinosaurs Set” is filled with 141 total items you can use for all your Jurassic Themed photo sessions and edits! These high-quality, high-resolution products (111 actual files in a Zipped Folder), include:

1. 131 total Dinosaur and Dinosaur related Overlays (see-through .png files)

2. 10 total Dinosaur related Digital Backgrounds (in .jpg form), similar to the era they roamed in and perfect and believable to make composites with!

This was one of my MOST requested products, but I wanted to take my time, do it right, and provide you with a complete collection of all things Jurassic… including eggs, babies, skeletons and bones and skulls, dead Dinosaurs and all the favorite prehistoric Dino’s, from realistic to cartoonish (like the Brontosaurus, Triceratops, T-Rex and tons and tons more!) in numerous poses, positions, angles, lighting (including silhouettes!) and with various facial features, etc.

Don’t forget, when working with these Dinosaur Overlays, you can always adjust the size and scale (make them bigger or smaller), proportion, perspective, color, tone and position/pose to fit your needs! You can brush off parts of the product you do not want. Also make sure to consider contact shadows and rim lighting to better blend, in a believable way, your Dinosaur product into the image you are working on. Finally, most Overlay images have a white border around the edges… enlarge your photo (the one you pasted the Overlay on) and use a soft black brush in the layers mode after you paste the Overlay to carefully remove the white line all around the edges of the Overlay item… this also helps you to “blend in” the scenery you have placed the Overlay on… you may want to paint grass, trees, people, etc., back in front of the Overlay item to give it a 3-D feel with that black brush. If you make a mistake, fix it with the white brush.

Most of the products in this Set are on their own separate .jpg or .png sheet with a few Overlays combined on templates. Use the lasso tool on the templates to cut out what item you want to use (after you circle the item with your lasso tool, hit copy, cut and then paste it into the image you are adding it to/working on).


NOTE: This Zip File is 743mb, so it may take awhile to download to your computer and/or unzip. Make sure your computer has enough memory to accommodate this. If payment is successfully received, and you cannot download/open this Zip File, I will provide you with a Dropbox link to access the same files instead.

*** If you are looking for more realistic, prehistoric fun and awesome Digital Backgrounds (see the top two images featured here and created by "Image-Ination by Rowena") head here to grab your own!!"

For your personal or your professional business photography-related/art-related work.

Created in Adobe Photoshop.

Dinosaur photos by: Carrie Ann Grippo-Pike with © Shoot for the Moon Images

I enjoyed the many years it took me to find, shoot, compile and create all of this! I hope you will enjoy this, too, and that it will help “Let your imagination ROAR”!!

** This product is a digital image that is available for downloading immediately after purchase. Due to the nature of digital products, no returns, refunds, exchanges or credit will be given.

Thank you and enjoy!!
Carrie Ann

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