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Wizard of Oz Inspired Set


You had the power all along, my dear.
~ Glinda, The Good Witch

Well, I guess I DID have the power! And now I believe it! After over two years of shooting/traveling and almost two months of compiling/creating, my “Wizard of Oz Inspired Set” is finished! I wanted to make something to honor the recent 75th Anniversary of the movie and bring you products you could use to create magic in your editing and composites. 123 items you can apply to not only “Wizard of Oz” related images and photo sessions with clients or your own little “Munchkins”, but all year round with the variety of things in the set! This really is a deal (not a dream!) :-)

The “Wizard of Oz Inspired Set” includes 123 total
high-quality, high-resolution products in a Zipped folder, along with a PDF file of my Terms of Use/Instruction of Use (which covers how to use Overlays, Textures and Digital Backgrounds/Scenery in general). The Overlays, Stock Images and Digital Backgrounds are in .jpg or .png (see-through) form depending on the product you are using. This set was inspired by the 1939 film, as well as the L. Frank Baum books... there is no actual "Oz" copyrighted products in my set, instead it is filled with items and symbols featured predominantly in the storyline!


NOTE: This Zip File is almost 870mb, so it may take awhile (about an hour or less with a good internet connection) to download to your computer and/or unzip. Make sure your computer has enough memory to accommodate this. If payment is successfully received, and you cannot download/open this Zip File, I will provide you with a Dropbox link to access the same files instead. Please email me at [email protected] or here through the Big Cartel store site and provide your order number and your request for the Dropbox info.

Created in Adobe Photoshop.

All “Wizard of Oz Inspired Set" items and photos by: Carrie Ann Grippo-Pike with © Captured By Carrie Photography & Product Shop

SPECIAL BONUS: also included in the set is the ORIGINAL Yellow Brick Road located in Peekskill, New York (7 .jpg files)!! In the film "The Wizard of Oz" Dorothy follows the Yellow Brick Road to the Emerald City. But the idea and inspiration for that road and story line came from an actual yellow brick street. In 1868, 12-year-old Frank Baum (later to pen the Oz series of children's books) was sent away to Peekskill's military school. At the time there was a road named West Street that led from the waterfront uphill to the school. It was made of stone blocks that definitely have a lemony hue. The theory goes that young Baum arrived via steamboat, asked someone the way to the academy, and received the catchy reply, "Follow the Yellow Brick Road." This road, which was once probably 27 blocks long or more, is now sadly reduced to the length of a driveway :-( There are no historical markers or statues nearby or ropes around it, and the road is crumbling and missing bricks (that people steal), but there are many parts of it in perfect condition and to stand on it gave me the chills, that I was physically at the location of where one of the greatest books/movies of all time came to fruition because of it!

** This product is a digital item that is available for downloading immediately after purchase. Due to the nature of digital products, no returns, refunds, exchanges or credit will be given.

Enjoy the “Wizard of Oz Inspired Set” and follow your own yellow brick editing road ♥

Thank you!!
Carrie Ann

*** Feel free to post your images (using the products you purchased) to my Facebook Fan Page wall at Captured By Carrie Photography & Product Shop ( for a chance to be featured! I would love to see what you do with my Overlays, Stock Images, Textures and Digital Backgrounds!

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